Knecht Family History

Welcome to the Knecht Family History Page. This web site is dedicated to documenting all relevant history as it applies to the descendants of Rafael Knecht and his wife Chaja Sura Hersz.

To date, there have been over 400 descendants of these two individuals. For more information on the descendants of Rafael and Chaja, please see the Knecht Family Tree.

History has greatly affected the Knecht family. One can assume that Rafael settled in Nowy Dwor (30 km north west of Warsaw) only after Napoleon's invasion of what was then the Russian Empire and his subsequent liberation of the Jewish inhabitants. For more information on how history has affected the Knecht family, please see the Knecht Family History and Camp "20th Quartal" by Morton Knecht.

Hear a Yiddish folk song performed by Iser Knecht (great-grandson of Rafael). This song was recorded on February 16, 1973.

To view pictures of Nowy Dwor taken August 30, 1997 Click Here.

Knecht Family History

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