The Wedding

Pre-ceremony Events and Acitvities


August 13, 1998


The world was a buzz with pre-wedding activities. This included:

Stag & Doe

gOgO & Alan being lifted into the airgOgO & Alan's friends gathered in Brampton, Ontario along the shores of the Credit River for a BBQ and bon fire. As gOgO & Alan said good-bye to their single days.






Interview Session With Macleans' Magazine

Eager to be the first to report on the world's first Unencumbered Virtual Reality and Netcasted wedding, Maclean's Magazine held a photo shoot at gOgO's museum and were the first to hit the news stands just days before the wedding .

Photo Courtesy of Macleans's Magazine.
Photographer: Phill Snel.







Alan & gOgO's Pre-Ceremony Presentations.

Click Here

For a video of Alan & gOgO playing Sharkbait.

Alan & gOgO warmed-up the guests with a series of Virtual Reality games.

Alan then proceeded with a visual presentation of his family tree, culminating with a series of photos of himself growing up and his adventures around the world. Concluding with gOgO presenting some images of herself during her travels in Africa and Asia.

With all the guests warmed up, it was time for the wedding.

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