The Wedding

The Ceremony

August 13, 1998

Alan and gOgO were married in the presence of many friends and family while countless others logged-on to witness the proceedings on their "Wedding Website".

Another special touch had the ceremony take place "within" a computer-generated "Unencumbered Virtual Reality" environment. Thanks to this technology (Mandala VGC), the happy couple said their vows under a virtual chuppah inside artistic digital landscapes.

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Alan and gOgO - Spring to Life

During the Ceremony, the four seasons were interpreted through digital representations of the works of artist Tom Thompson. During the spring, gOgO flourished, creating flowers on-screen by gently waving her hand..

To see the flowers grow CLICK HERE. Or to see a video clip of winter turning into spring to the sounds of Cantor Yehuda Rottner singing the Sheva Bruchas CLICK HERE (56K modem is recommended).

During the reading of the Ketubah,
guests in Toronto and on-line around the world read the sacred text.

A magnificent Canadian winter (in August!).

Just before the traditional breaking of the glass, Rabbi:Philip Scheim gives his blessing to Alan & gOgO.

Click Here - To view a video of Alan & gOgO as they listen to the blessing.

Alan breaks a digital glass and they live happily ever after.
The ceremony concluded with a video clip of their first kiss 23 years earlier at Alan's Bar Mitzvah.
Click Here - To view a video of the this scene (56K modem recommendedt).

The reception and party were Netcast for the rest of the evening as gOgO and Alan celebrated off-line with loving friends and family.

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