The Wedding

The Celebration

August 13, 1998

Following their Virtual Reality ceremony, guests of Alan and gOgO were treated to music and an astonishing array of vegan delicacies as cyberguests looked on.

The highlights of the evening included:

The Wedding Horah

gOgO & Alan being lifted into the airGuests honoured gOgO and Alan with the traditional wedding Horah where the bride and groom are raised aloft in chairs in the centre of the whirling circle.

To view a video clip of the Horah simply select from the list below. (You must have a browser which supports Java Applets to view these videos.)

For 30 minutes, guests (real and cyber) were treated to speeches with just the right mix of heart warming stories and humour.
Morton makes his speech as his sister Fay listens The order of the speeches was:
  • Father of the Groom - Morton Knecht
  • Father of the Bride - Sidney Silverman
    • The Bride - gOgO (Carrie Silverman)
      describes her ideal man + closing remarks
  • Java - 171 KB
  • wave - 721KB
  • The Groom - Alan
  • More audio featuring the best moments from each speech will be available shortly.

    The Mazinkeh-tantz

    Jewish tradition states that when the last child is married off, that the parents of that child should be honoured during the wedding celebration. The bride and groom place wreaths upon their parents heads, and all sing and dance in their honour (the Mazinkeh-tants).

    On this occasion, there was a double honour to bestowed as both gOgO & Alan are both the last in their families to get married.

    The Mazinka Dance
    The Sheva Bruchas (The Seven Wedding Blessings)
    The Sheva Bruchas are perfomed During the course of the marriage ceremony and celebration the Sheva Bruchas (The seven marriage blessings) are recited three times. The first two during the ceremony (by the Cantor), and the third following the meal. The honour of reciting the final Sheva Bruchas on this night was given to the Knecht family's long time friend Chaim Bernoholtz.
    gOgO & Alan taking a break from it all Following the speeches, gOgO put on her dancing dress and the rest was history.

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